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Programs with a Global Perspective

If you’re looking for an empowered music therapy degree program, consider Athena Music & Wellness Therapy. We offer personalized attention, hands-on learning opportunities and certification with the European Certification Board, AICQ SICEV. Our international student program provides an exciting opportunity to anyone, globally, as a career path or to get equipped with the knowledge of music therapy.

Why Athena

Preparation for certification under the European Board.

2 – 3 weeks internship with an industry leader.

First year membership to IMWC, International Music & Wellness Council.

Experience a lifetime of recognition and support with our Alumni network.


Prepare to make a difference in today’s global economy with Athena Music & Wellness Therapy program. An accredited provider of music therapy, AMTW offers focused programs designed to help prepare you for your music therapy career. Because of its diverse student population, interactive curriculum, small class sizes and courses taught by experienced professors, AMTW is the option many students from outside the United States choose for their international music therapy education.

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