Universal Wellness Mastermind Class – by 3  specialists 

90 min session | 2 sessions / month         Package 1 – 6 months | 12 sessions      Tuition $2,400                   Package 2 – 12months | 24 sessions + graduation retreat (optional)    Tuition $4,800

The complexity of the Body / Mind / Soul system is seen by the world of wellness as a single element. This course of study offers a global point of view and new techniques on how to harmonize your approach to life, and how to take care of yourself to achieve the balance that means health and well-being.

Our speakers are well-known mental health experts, certified coaches. Together, they will teach none-before wellness and emotional intelligence strategies, and practicing techniques that can improve overall health, reduce stress & anxiety, improve cognition, increase focus, and healthy aging, mental well-being and improve personal and professional relationships.

Who is this program for?

The condensed nature of this course and wide scope of knowledge makes it accessible to anyone with limited time.

All programs will be taught by Athena’s faculty members / certified Music Therapists – professors 

A completion certificate will be earned upon graduating.

All courses are taught in English | online live lessons