Experimental psychologist, specialized post-graduate in ericksonian psychotherapy and hypnosis, accredited trainer, and mental coach with a professional qualification diploma


Fields of expertise:

  • Social and Inter/Intra-Subjective Communication
  • Fundamentals of Acoustics and Psychoacoustics
  • Elements of Cultural Anthropology and Sociology: Rituality Beliefs
  • General Psychology and Pedagogy
  • Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology
  • History and Evolution of Psychological Therapies
  • Management’s Principles of the Therapist-Patient Relationship: Body, Voice and Rapport
  • States of Consciousness, Trance and Dissociation: Their Psycho-Ecology and Neurophysiology
  • Psycho-Physical Health and Healing: Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunological Dynamics, Placebo Effect, and Neuro-Mirroring
  • From November 2017 he is part of the Research and Experimentation, and Responsible of Theoretical Scientific Elaboration/Editing Concerning the Model M.E.D.©® (‘Musicoterapia Echo-Dialogica©®’:
  • Echo-Dialogical Music Therapy) together with Dr. Cristina Rosati Musicologist and Music Therapist, and with Emanuele Irenei Music Therapist



  • Master’s Degree in General and Experimental Psychology
  • PhD  of research: Cognitive Relationships between Beliefs in the Paranormal, Case Perception and Attention Orientation.
  • Accredited Trainer for the “Management of the Didactic Process” with the Specific Psycho-Pedagogical: a) Analysis of Individual needs; b) Facilitation of Learning; c) Evaluation of Learning.
  • Master’s Degree and National License of Italian School of Hypnosis and Ericksonian Psychotherapy Post-Graduate Specialization in Psychotherapy and Hypnosis.
  • During this Four-Year Period, he Follows Important Workshops with American Professors such as Jeffrey Zeig, Bettie Erickson, Leslie Greenberg, in Advanced Techniques of Psychotherapy, Emotional Focusing, Development of best Connection to the Patient for Effective Hypnosis