Guitarist, guitar and music theory professor, performer and receptive music therapy composer, sound engineer, sound designer , math and physics professor

Fields of Expertise:

  • Receptive Music Therapy Composition (Guided Imaginary and Music Model, Mood Modification Induction Procedures Model)
  • Guitar and Music Theory
  • Sound Engineering, Sound Designing, Math and Physics of Sound



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematical Sciences
  • Music Theory, Receptive Music Therapy Composition,  Guitar , Sound Engineer

Under the Mentor  Professor “M. Molino” Gabriele studied every style of  guitar play and composition style  from Classical (J. S. Sagreras,  M. Gangi, C. Carulli and others) to the modern Improvising Rock Guitar (M.Bloomfield, G.Castellano  and others), passing throughout  the Blues and Jazz Guitar (H. & A. Traum, M. Baker, M. Bay and others).