Ecodialogical Musicotherapy™


50 Hours Short Certification


ONLINE (LIVE ON SKYPE OR PRERECORDED VIDEO LESSONS)20 hoursThe Orff Model of Improvisation in Music Therapy

  • Primordial music
  • Theoretical orientations
  • Description of the type of patient to be treated, diseases and objectives to be achieved
  • Pathologies and objectives
  • Session patterns
  • Interaction means and roles
  • How to evaluate the patient and standard tools to do it
  • Resource utilization
  • Standard treatment procedures and formats

Practical Experience Laboratory

  • Informal scores
  • Creation of drawings and images to be realized during a practical workshop
4 hoursEmpathic communication processes in ecodialogical music therapy -The therapeutic vocality as a resonance

  • The Song in the Womb
  • Energy and vocal harmonization
4 hoursLaboratory:

  • Synaesthetic resonances.
  • Integrated music therapy
4 hoursMusic, Trance and Dissociation Laboratory
4 hoursVocal and instrumental improvisation Laboratoty
4 hoursVerifications of learning

Test and practical test