Concepts of Music/Sound and Art Therapy


50 Hours E-learning course


SECTION I – II Scientific Background

  1. History and evolution of Psychological Therapies
    Leano Citeroni
  2. Observation of Human Behavior Applied to therapeutic Processes
    Leano Citeroni

SECTION III – Music Therapy/Sound Therapy

  1. Production of musical materials for areas of intervention (Geriatric Age, Alzheimer and Parkinson Care )
    Cristina Rosati
  2. . Production of musical materials for areas of intervention (Childhood / Developmental Age ,Autism Care)
    Cristina Rosati
  3. The Receptive MT : The GIM Model and it’s application fields ( from Stress to Sleep Disorders to the memory care in The Alzheimer and Parkinson care )
    Angelo Molino
  4. Music Education : Guitar/ Music Theory
    Gabriele Maria  Giuliani
  5. Music Education: Piano/ Music Theory and Composition Basic
    Angelo Molino
  6. Vibration-Emotion Physiological Reaction
    Simone Gatto
  7. Acoustics-Psychoacoustics and Echo Location
    Simone Gatto

SECTION IV  – Plastic-Painting Art Therapy

  1. The Plastic-Painting Art Therapy: General

Angelo Prinzo
+22 videos of commented practical activities