Autism Spectrum Disorders & ADHD Therapy




4 hoursImprovisation according to the Orff Model

  • The primordial music
  • Theoretical guidelines
  • Specific Patient Populations
  • Pathologies and Objectives
  • Means and roles of interaction
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Use of resources
  • Treatment Procedures
  • Dynamics and projections
2 hoursWhat is music therapy?

  • The influence of Music Therapy in the treatment of Autism and ADHD
  • The effects of Music Therapy on stress reduction in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders
6 hoursBasic techniques of music therapy
4 hoursMT: Humanistic Approach with Autism

  • Approach, communication and music therapy
  • The role of the facilitator
  • The Observation process
  • how to arrange the setting
  • Mode of intervention: tracing of physiology and perceptual positions


4 hoursMusic therapy and ADHD

  • Increase the level of Motivation
  • Fragmentary perception
  • Experience with Autism and ADHD: Phase I, II, III
4 hoursSound Dialogue and Empathic Listening

  • Non-verbal communication in Music Therapy
  • Acoustic Identity – Sensorial
  • The sacredness of the Setting
  • The voice and the body as an instrument
  • Couple vocal patterns with auditory stimuli (melody, rhythm) & movement.


4 hours

Motor & Perceptual Motor:

  • Accept ritualistic movements & incorporate into music application
  • Playing instruments (without stereotyped/ self-stimulatory behavior)
  • Rhythmic/musical accompaniment to gross motor movements
4 hours

Perceptual motor/ Self concept:

  • Playing instruments spaced at various distances (e.g., resonator bells)
  • Problem-solving – how to position body to play a familiar instrument if positioned in an unfamiliar· way (e.g., upside down)