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European Certification Board

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The only destination In U.S.A. able to offer this certification.

Athena Music & Wellness Therapy partners with AICQ SICEV to prepare our scholars for the highest honor in Music Therapy Certification through the European Certification Board. Music Therapist must possess specific skills and knowledge relating to the music therapy and music area, acquired through a multidisciplinary theoretical and practical preparation. This professionalism is based on the possession of an excellent musical competence associated with a coherent theoretical model, which guides the understanding of the processes that develop in the music therapy and sound-musical relationship.

Our programs guide and prepare you for this certification test. Athena is the only Music Therapy academy offering this kind of high level training and support on a global level.

The Added Value

This certification through AICQ SICEV & Athena Music & Wellness Therapy Academy represents distinguished scholars separated from their competitors and represents an absolute and continuous guarantee of:

Quality of Knowledge

Set yourself apart with your quality and professionalism, representing your continuous improvement of skills and highest level of music therapy knowledge.

Global Commitment

Certified shows rigor and seriousness, by verifying compliance with the code of ethics and a commitment to our global community.

Absolute Credibility

Transparency in your credibility, through the certification of competences according to national and international standards. 

Get Certified

Who can access the certification?

Our scholars will gain all necessary requirements as music therapists who meet specific knowledge, skill and competence requirements pursuant to the UNI 11592: 2015 standard.

These professionals are trained in only one specific prevailing artistic discipline, with reference to which the entire specialist profile is defined. In this case Music Therapy.

To guarantee the development and recognition of this professionalism – in harmony with Law 4/2013 concerning unregulated professions – AICQ SICEV & Athena Music & Wellness Therapy Academy has activated the Scheme Certification in Music Therapy and issued the RMU 01 regulation, in compliance with the provisions of the UNI 11592: 2015.

Athena scholars are prepared in accordance to these regulations through our outstanding programs and our certified professors.

The Process

Evaluation of skills and the certification.

The certification process takes place before the Commission of Experts who evaluate:

Essentials: the essential knowledge deriving from the training and refresher course.

Abilities: the skills deriving from the acquired work experience.

Competence: the skills associated with the aforementioned knowledge and skills.

The certification process consists of the following steps:

a) Documentary analysis of formal prerequisites (CV / educational qualification / work experience / training)

b) Written exam (1 case study + 3 open-ended questions + 10 quiz questions)

c) Oral exam and practical test

Once certified, your certificate has a three-year duration with an annual verification of the maintenance of skills.

Registration Procedure

To take part in the exam session, download the Application for the Certification Exam Form. The application and the relative attachments must be sent within 7 working days from the date scheduled for the exam session to the following e-mail address: team@athenamwt.com.