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About Us

Changing lives one song at a time.

Co- Founders Angelo Molino & Roz Huang

Professor Molino and Roz Huang started Athena Music & Wellness Therapy as an academy and international platform, born to educate and train a new generation of professors and music therapists. Their passion is to link the world through music therapy education and are dedicated to help people who need music therapy treatments. Athena is a unique organization which provides certification courses, diploma courses and works internationally.

Athena Music & Wellness Therapy partners with universities, colleges, education centers to carry our program. We have the complete curriculum, human resources and exceptional professors who are board certified with years of clinical treatment experience.

Our Academics

At Athena Music & Wellness Therapy, our founders have developed comprehensive academic programs that allow scholars to find their voice, inspire their passion and prepare them for their futures as music therapists.

The programs at Athena is intended to challenge scholars and help them to achieve their personal goals while equipping them with foundational skills for certification through the European Certification Board, AICQ SICEV 

Athena is the only European board-certified academy in the U.S. and only one academy that can host European certification tests and issue student/ therapist European board of certification. 

Our Mission

In addition to stimulating and challenging our scholars academically, we believe that it is our role to support their contributions as music therapists so they may change lives through their music therapy. We recognize that our standards play a crucial role in how well scholars assimilate information, as well as how well they gain insight into how they will live their lives. Athena’s professors are all certified and accomplished in their fields and bring a passion for teaching music therapy. It is our mission that together we make a global difference in people’s lives using music therapy.

Our Products

We are committed to creating outstanding products through insightful design, responsive manufacturing, and superior product performance, which is to provide growth in healing using more advance technologies.

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